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NEW 2020 Peterbilt 337 VACUUM TRUCK

NEW 2020 Peterbilt 337 VACUUM TRUCK

Stock Number STK

NEW 2020 Peterbilt 337 VACUUM TRUCK,
300 HP PX-7 automatic transmission, aluminum wheels

Tank: 2,500 U.S. Gallon Single compartment vacuum tank.
Model: VT 2500 aluminum vacuum tank. Tank capacity 2500 gallons
Tank Construction: Tank constructed from polished aluminum. The shell of the tank is to be constructed of 1/4” material. The bulkheads of the tank will be 1/4”. Heads are dished and flanged. Head size to be determined. ¼” anti-surge baffles will be installed in the tank
Manways: One 20” manway to be installed on top of the tank and one 20” rear manway to be installed in the lower section of the rear head for cleanout.
Shutoff: One low profile aluminum primary moisture trap to be installed on top of tank. The shutoff provides initial vacuum pump protection against contamination and damage from material carryover. Shutoff contains cage assembly with stainless steel float ball and rubber seat.
Hose Tray: One set of full length aluminum hose trays to be installed on tank.
Hose Protector: One piece of aluminum extrusion installed on both sides of tank to act as a hose protector. The height of the tread plate is 12”
Inlets: One 3” rear load line with standpipe to the top of the tank with a deflector shield
and brass lever valve.
Outlets: One 4” rear discharge with brass lever valve.
Ladder: One curbside ladder installed on tank to access top manway
Sight Eyes: Three 5” glass bowl sight eyes installed on rear head toward street side
Hose Hooks: Hose hooks installed on rear head
Bumper: One DOT rear bumper supplied with diamond plate cover.
Lighting: LED lights with sealed wiring and junction boxes. Two rear work lights installed on upper rear head.
Mounting: Tank to conform to DOT mounting procedures. Composite material mount boards installed between chassis frame and tank sill. Front of tank is spring loaded to allow for flex of the frame behind the cab.

Vacuum Pump: NVE 607Air cooled vacuum pump (380 CFM). Vacuum pump comes complete with mechanical oil pump, oil reservoir and an integral 4 way valve allowing the pump to operate in vacuum and pressure mode. Vacuum pump is mounted on a heavy duty steel pump mount attached to the driver’s side frame behind the cab.
Drive System: Hot shift PTO installed on truck chassis with air control installed in cab of truck. A tubular type PTO shaft is installed from the PTO to a right angle gearbox. The gearbox features birotational angle drive with heavy duty gears. A pump coupling is installed between the vacuum pump and the gearbox. The coupling is designed as a safety measure in that it will shear in the event of a pump seizure.
Secondary Shutoff: One secondary shutoff will be installed. Liquid material that gets past the primary shutoff is collected in the secondary shutoff. It also contains a positive shutoff float ball system. Shutoff contains a wing nut swing down access door for ease of cleaning. A drain valve is installed on the bottom of canister.
Oil Separator: One oil separator install on the outlet side of the vacuum pump. The oil separator is designed to capture exhaust oil. A drain valve is installed on the bottom of the canister.
Relief Valves: One pressure and one vacuum relief valve installed on the system. Both valves are adjusted to preset levels to assure efficient system operation,
Gauge: One 2-1/2” liquid filled vacuum/pressure gauge installed in system to provide accurate measurements that allow system monitoring.
Toolbox: One large aluminum toolbox to be installed on passenger side frame rail. Tool box is equipped with a single fold down diamond plate door with lanyards.
Paint: All steel components to be painted black. Aluminum components left in natural finish
Installation: Complete assembly of tank and pumping system onto chassis, all system plumbing hoses, pipe fittings, mounting kit, mud flaps, and anti-sail brackets. Electrical wiring to be enclosed in protected loom. Installation to include pump test – vacuum and pressure,

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