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NEW 2022 PETERBILT 337 PROPANE TRUCK, (SAMPLE PICTURES), (SPRING DELIVERY), PX-7 Paccar 300 HP Engine, Allison Automatic Transmission, NEW 3,200 U.S. Gal. Bobtail Tank, 80 Inch Diameter, NQT,
Barrel Rock Guard: Bottom 1/3rd
Delivery Location: Rear Delivery Road Side
Fill Location: Rear Fill
Style: Open Deck Aluminum (Mill Finish)
Bumper: DOT Compliant fully welded with tow hooks.
Lighting: Wired to meet FMVSS 108 with Betts LED Grommet mount lighting with weaterher pack plugs.
High Mount Tail Lights: High mount LED tail lights mounted on rear gauge rain shield stop turn combo.
Work Lights: 2 LED work lights: (2) Mounted on high Mount Light Bracket- activated by switch in cab.
PTO/Pump Drive: Hot shift PTO, shaft drive assembly to pump and PTO
Internal Valve: 3 Inch Double Flange internal valve w/Actuator 500GPM with thermal emergency shut off.
Pump: Blackmer 3 Inch Flange mounted
Meter & Register: 2 Inch LC MA7, LCRIQ Register, and Epson Slip Printer: Includes strainer, optic vapor
Meter Location: Roadside- Rear
Printer Stand: Adjustable printer stand mounted in cab
Customer Data Management Software System: NONE
Meter Cover: Mill aluminum box with side swing door to roadside
Hose Reel: Hannay Aluminum liquid reel with electric rewind (2/3 HP Motor) w/Protective switch cover.
Hose Reel Location: Curbside Rear
Hose Reel Roller: “C” roller on liquid hose reel
Hose Reel Cover: None
Hose: 1 Inch x 150 Ft. Liquid Delivery hose rated for -50 Degree Fahrenheit
Nozzle: A7797 quick acting hose end valve (Rego) with squib swivel.
Nozzle Storage: MEC Nozzle Holster
Vapor Hose/Piping: NONE
Rear Controls: PTO & Throttle
Rear View Camera: 7 Inch Dash mounted Digital Backup Camera monitor (Activated in Reverse)
RCS Detail: Base Engineering System with Controller: 5-Function; (E-STOP, PTO, Throttle, Readout, Delivery) ability to preset from hand-held remote *Not Compatible with all Software* Software system elimantes some functions
Electrical Center: Plug & play module with waterproof cover, located curbside behind cab.
Throttle: Electronic throttle activated when pto is engaged to lock out foot pedal and prevent engine from regenerating while pumping.
Piping Material: Threaded Carbon Steel Painted White
Piping Pump Discharge: 2" internal piping from pump with 2" full port valve at meter inlet.
Bypass: Corken 2" bypass, 2" valve, and 2" backcheck.
Piping Meter Discharge: 1-1/2" Piping with flex connector and 1-1/2" full port valve
Tank Evacuation/Self Load: NONE
Sprayfill: 2" backcheck, 2" full port valve, 2" Piping 3-1/4" ACME adapter, cap w/chain
Vapor: 1-1/4" internal valve, 1-1/4" piping, 1-1/4" full port ball valve, and 1-3/4" ACME adapter with cap.
Brake/Safety Interlocks Features: NONE
Blow Off Line(s): Installed on the spray fill line with ¼ Inch Full port ball valve terminated about Manway
Relief Valve: Two (2) 2 Inch Relief valves installed in top of vessel, 250 PSI Relief.
Volume Gauge: Float located in rear head with glow gauge.
Fixed Tube Gauge: Outage valve installed and set at 85%
Pressure gauge: One (1) Installed in vessel and One (1) installed in pump discharge piping both 400 PSI Gauges
Thermowell: Temperature gauge installed in vessel
Drain: Liquid withdrawal valve installed in vessel drain.
Tool Box Roadside: 18 inch x 18 inch x 48 inch, single drop door (Mill Finish)
Tool Box Curbside: NONE
Paint: Vessel painted with corrosion resistant epoxy primer and final topcoat Axalta Imron Paint White
Decals: DOT Required labels installed.
Placards: Four (4) 1075 Vinyl placards installed with aluminum backers.
Fire Extinguisher: 20# ABC Fire extinquisher with mounting bracket located Roadside on fender.
Wheel Chocks: Chock block holder
Document Holder: DOT Shipping paper Certificate of Compliance, all in a 3 Ring Binder, ships loose in cab.
Mudflaps: Mudflaps to meet DOT requirements
Backup Alarm: Included
Warning Triangles: Included
Mounting: Vessel mounted on chassis
Testing: Unit test pumped and meter calibrated, AMVIC Licensed Dealer, STK 0117-04 $259,000 CAN$ FREE DELIVERY TERRY (866) 780-8751
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