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Stock Number STK

Vessel Size NQT: 3,200 U.S. Gallon, 80" diameter, NQT (NEW),
Vessel constructed of steel to ASME Code and DOT MC-331,
Vessel x-rayed, baffled and has a 16" Manway,
Working Pressure of 250 PSIG
Barrel Rock Guard: Bottom 1/3rd painted white
Delivery Location: Rear Delivery
Fill Location Rear Fill
Style Open Deck Aluminum (Mill Finish)
Fenders Full Aluminum (Mill Finish)
Bumper DOT Compliant fully welded with tow hooks.
Lighting Wired to meet FMVSS 108 with Betts LED grommet mount lighting with weather pack plugs.
High Mount Tail Lights High mount LED tail lights mounted on rear gauge rain shield stop turn combo.
Work Lights 2 LED work lights: (2) Mounted on high Mount Light Bracket - activated by switch in cab.
PTO/Pump Drive Hot shift PTO, shaft drive assembly to pump and PTO
Internal Valve 3" Double Flange internal MEC valve W/Actuator 500GPM with thermal emergency shut off
Pump Blackmer 3" flange mounted
Meter & Register 2" LC MA7 with LCRIQ register, and Epson Slip Printer: Includes strainer, optic vapor eliminator, electronic 2-stage valve, temperature compensation.
Meter Location Roadside – Rear
Printer Stand mounted in cab
Customer Data Management Software System NONE
Meter Cover Mill aluminum box with side swing door to roadside
Hose Reel Hannay aluminum liquid reel with electric rewind (2/3 HP motor) w/Protective switch cover.
Hose Reel Location Curbside Rear
Hose Reel Roller C2 rollers bottom feed.
Hose Reel Cover None
Hose 1" x 150ft Liquid delivery hose rated for -50 degrees Fahrenheit
Nozzle Quick acting hose end valve with squib swivel.
Nozzle Storage MEC Nozzle Holster
Vapor Hose/Piping NONE
Rear Controls PTO, Throttle, Vapor & Internal Valve
Rear view Camera 7" Dash Mounted Digital Backup cameara monitor (Activated in Reverse)
RCS Detail Base Engineering System with Controller: 4-Function; (E-STOP, PTO, Throttle, Read Out)
Electrical Center Plug & play module with waterproof cover.
Throttle Electronic throttle activated when pto is engaged to lock out foot pedal and prevent engine from regenerating while pumping.
Piping Material Threaded Carbon Steel Painted White
Piping Pump Discharge 2" internal piping from pump with 2" full port valve at meter inlet.
Bypass Versa-Fill 2" bypass.
Piping Meter Discharge 1-1/2" Piping with flex connector and 1-1/2" full port valve
Tank Evacuation/Self Load 2" Backcheck, 2" Piping, 2" Full port valve, 3-1/4" ACME adapter w/cap and cable. (Driver or Passenger Side)
Sprayfill 2" backcheck, 2" full port valve, 2" Piping 3-1/4" ACME adapter, cap & cable.
Vapor 1-1/4" internal valve, 1-1/4" piping, 1-1/4" full port ball valve, and 1-3/4" ACME adapter, cap & cable.
Brake/Safety Interlocks Features NONE
Blow Off Line(s) Installed on the sprayfill line with 1/4" full port ball valve terminated about Manway
Relief Valve Two (2) 2" Relief valves installed in top of vessel, 250 psi relief.
Volume Gauge Float located in rear head with glow gauge.
Fixed Tube Gauge Outage valve installed and set at 85%
Pressure Gauge One (1) installed in vessel and one (1) installed in pump discharge piping both 400 psi gauges.
Thermowell Temperature gauge installed in vessel
Drain Liquid withdrawal valve installed in vessel drain.
Tool Box Roadside 18" x 18" x 36" single drop-down door - Ventilated Stainless Steel
Tool Box Curbside NONE
Snow Chains NONE
Paint Vessel painted with corrosion resistant epoxy primer and final topcoat Axalta Imron Paint White
Decals DOT required labels installed.
Placards Four (4) 1075 Vinyl placards installed.
Fire Extinguisher 20# ABC fire extinguisher with mounting bracket mounted on driver side.
Wheel Chocks Chocks and block holder
Document Holder DOT shipping paper Certificate of Compliance, all in a 3-ring binder, ships loose in cab
Mudflaps Mudflaps to meet DOT requirements.
Backup Alarm Included
Warning Triangles Included
Mounting Vessel mounted on chassis furnished by customer or purchased through Green-LP
Testing Unit test pumped and meter calibrated
AMVIC Licensed Dealer,
STK 0406-01 $269,000 CAN$ FREE DELIVERY TERRY (866) 780-8751
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